Haiti Politics

Kevin and his team (and all but 1 piece of luggage) have arrived safely in Haiti.  Thanks for praying!  They’re hoping that the missing suitcase will turn up before the flight from Port-au-Prince to Jérémie on Monday.

Apparently the weather is nice and they got to play some soccer today. Tomorrow, the team will stay in Port-au-Prince.  They’re planning on walking to a local church and they’re planning on spending some time getting to know each other.

Tomorrow is also the run-off elections in Haiti.  Please pray that things stay peaceful.  They should . . .though it could be interesting to watch, since, as BBC puts it, “on Sunday, a grandmother takes on a pop star for the right to run a country.”

The only complicating factor is that a former president, who has been in exile, returned to Haiti yesterday, and there’s some concerns that he could somehow disrupt elections, since he still has the favour of much of Haiti’s poorer population.

Here’s the BBC article, if you’d like a glimpse into Haiti Politics:

Is Haiti election set for new twist thanks to Aristide?

The actual election results probably won’t be known for a few weeks, but as you’re praying for Kevin and the team in Haiti, please also pray for wisdom for the Haitians as they go to the polls to decide who will run their country for the next few years.


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