Next up . . . Haiti!

We knew Kevin was likely going to Haiti again this project cycle . . . but we were still in for a surprise.  Right now, it sounds like he’s going to Haiti not once, but twice in the next few months.

When I arrived at Missionsfest after having lunch with a friend, Kevin pulled me to the side.  He’d gotten a phone call from another eMi office . . . a project leader who was scheduled to lead two trips needed to withdraw.  Would Kevin step in and either lead a trip to Peru at the beginning of March, or a trip to Haiti a couple weeks later?

Since my flight to Fort St. John for Mission Vision was already booked (aren’t airmiles great?), Kevin figured he’d better wait until I was back before leaving the country.  So . . . on March 18th he’ll be off to Jérémie, Haiti to help design a medical clinic for Friends for Health in Haiti.  The team is all put together already, and the follow up work for the project will likely largely take place in the américa latina office . . . which means that Kevin will still likely do his regular project trip as well.

If Kevin leads the second Haiti trip, he’ll be heading back again in June, to Mirebalais, Haiti to design an orphanage compound for the Haitian Children’s Aid Society.  He’s been practicing his French . . . let’s see how he does with the Haitian Creole!

So, please pray for Kevin in the coming weeks, as he juggles two upcoming trips, as well as trying to finish up the project report for the Niger trip we just completed . . . everything seems to be coming up very quickly. . .


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