Missionsfest . . .

I love Missionsfest.  I didn’t get to any of the main sessions, only went to one seminar, but spent many hours wandering the booths and talking to the other exhibitors. By now, we recognize faces, and I enjoy the chance to catch up with Missionsfest friends.  We stop by the booths of “client ministries” – our exhibit was across from Place of Rescue (Cambodia), and they had pictures of the finished “transition house” that Greg and his team had designed a few years ago.  We chatted with Les from Impact Ministries (Guatemala) – the first trip I went along with Kevin, when we were still volunteers.  Kevin had a long meeting with God’s Littlest Angels (Haiti) following up his design from a few years ago.  And, of course, we stopped at the SIM booth and chatted about the project in Niger . . . . I’m also always fascinated by the variety of ministries that are out there.  An organization that ministers to Seafarers.  An English Camp for High School Students in Germany.  A ministry to Truck Drivers.  God can use us in so many ways!

But for me, this year, Missionsfest was mostly about my kids.  The one seminar I attended was on getting kids excited about missions – and it was overwhelming evident that my kids already are.  Kaisa and Talia enjoyed the children’s programs and all they learned about what God is doing around the world.  They also spent hours wandering the booths and making friends with missionaries.  Kaisa is most interested in Ethiopia, and was thrilled when she found a ministry specifically focussed on kids in that country.  The missionary there took the time to sit with her and talk with her, and has promised to send her some photos when she arrives in Ethiopia next week.  Talia is fascinated by India, and she stopped by several organizations that minister there.  Both girls became fast friends with the lady at the Teen Missions booth, and I think Talia is seriously considering what it would take to go on one of their missions trips.   I’m thankful for the exhibitors who take the time to take my kids questions seriously . . . and I must admit, I wonder what God has planned for those girls.


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