From there to here, from here to there . . .

Posted: February 11, 2011 by Michele in Engineering Ministries International, project trips

From there to here, from here to there/ Funny things are everywhere
~ Dr. Seuss

On Sunday after church, our team did the long drive back from Galmi to Niamey.  The road is actually pretty good (except for the first stretch) – it’s been redone in the last couple years.  But the view is still pretty amazing.

Things we saw transported by motorbike during our drive:

  • a live sheep
  • a bed frame
  • a baby (perched on the gas tank, in front of the driver – the mom was sitting at the back)
  • a stack of baskets destined for maket, along with a large piece of folded burlap
  • a tall stack of plastic bowls

Of course, we also saw things transported by toyota truck, on the top of “bush taxis”, by transport truck, by donkey and donkey cart, by oxcart, by camel, by bicycle, and carried or balanced on heads . . .


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