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I haven’t uploaded any new pictures yet, but I sure took a bunch today . . . hopefully I’ll get them processed later tonight (okay . . . at least the ones from one camera are processed.  I’ll add a few pics below).  But a quick overview of the day . . .

This morning two of us actually woke up early enough to join the daily Galmi prayer meeting.  They’ve got cards made up covering all aspects of Galmi, and from Monday to Friday they pray over these different parts.  We also got to hear the story of one of the newer missionary couples on the compound here.  So neat how God calls people from all walks of life to be part of the ministry here.

I helped Ian do a bit more measuring after breakfast, and we had good motivation to get it done quickly – there were cinnamon buns at 10!  Cinnamon buns on Wednesday is quite the institution here at Galmi . . . even the man who brought meat to buy wanted to know if they had saved him a cinnamon bun 🙂

After that, I actually got to go wander in the wards.  Someone suggested that I go into Obstetrics . . . basically, the maternity ward.  I was pretty nervous at first . .  I didn’t have anyone with me and there weren’t any nurses around who could at least speak French.  But it’s amazing what a few words of Hausa . . . and a camera with a display screen . . . can do.  I went around taking pictures of all the new babies and moms (and grandmas?) and got big smiles for my efforts to use their language.

I was heading home after that, and ran into Ian, who was doing a photo record of existing structures – so I joined him for a while.  As we walked through another ward, I saw another room that had women and children . . . so I went and chatted and took pictures there too.  This is my favourite part of trips!

After lunch, I was looking forward to the mandated “quiet time” . . . the guys usually stay in and work on their computers at this time, and I was planning on reshelving some more books.  It wasn’t to be though . . . I got pressed into service as Curits’ “technical assistant” . . . we were locating some pipes and power poles, and I worked the GPS while Curtis marked things on his drawings (see, I knew geocaching would come in handy).

After that, I was invited to join Grace and her husband – and his French tutor – for a walk to the market.  I got tasked to bring back the tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce and pasta that we still needed for the dinners in the next few days.  I was only half-successful . . . there were no cucumbers or lettuce to be had, and in trying to explain pasta to our tutor in French, the best we could come up with was spaghetti.  We did find other pasta in the market later, and asked what it was called . . . apparently, “le macaroni” 😉

The market was fascinating . . . we saw the “camel parking lot” (and I have to laugh, because all the donkeys along the wall were angle parking only).  The sections of the market were clearly deliniated . . . meat in one area, spices in another, kitchenware another, etc etc . . . though I felt like we were walking around in circles.  Lots of people, lots of wares . . . and I think we were the only Caucasians to be seen.

We got home just before the “big meeting”.  Usually, eMi does a final presentation at the end of the week where various stakeholders are invited.  But Steven had wanted his staff to have more input into the plan, and so decided to have a bit of a more formal meeting partway through.  It sounds like lots of good ideas were thrown around . . .

Now I’m in the process of heating up supper, while the last conversations wrap up in the other room.  I want a fridge like this at home . . . at every mealtime, food magically appears, and all we have to do is heat it up and put it on the table!  We’ve definitely been well-fed this trip, thanks to the families on the Galmi compound.


3 thoughts on “Meetings & More

  1. Melitta

    Oh Michele…another great blog…I’m still giggling over the angle parking of the donkeys…omg…so funny….and camels…wow. You are all doing great work whatever your job is to be for the day. Take care…keep strong! ….kylan’s mama (Melitta)

  2. Melitta

    Just got the pictures…Oh how awesome…you did a great job capturing the essence. Mothers and grandmothers and babies…beautiful. Keep up the good work…prayers for you all….Kylan’s mama (Melitta)

  3. Nancy

    Hi Michele, Thank you for the photos and the update — the market looks amazing! Just thought to send a note that your blog is so valuable for helping me contextualize your prayer requests, because I can ‘walk in your steps’ a bit each day. Love to see the team photos and see the mix of generations working together — good experiences for all. Stay well and rested — my love to Mitch and my best to the rest of the team. Nancy (aka Mum Macdonald)

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