Gathering information

Today has been another day of gather information . . .

The architectural team has been meeting with Doctors and trying to get a good sense of how the hospital works, so that their design can reflect that process.  Redesign of obstetrics is high on the list, so today Mark & Kylan were walking through with Dr. Esther (and got to see two babies just minutes old 🙂 )

The civil team . . . well, mostly Curtis, because the others were busy elsewhere . . . continued to walk the site with various staff members to locate existing electric and water systems

Mitch was tasked with surveying the courtyard areas . . . and I got to act as rodman (4 eMi trips, and the first time I was pressed into service as a rodman . . . that’s pretty amazing!)

Ian was also working on as-builts .  .  . measuring up the pharmacy area.  When Mitch was done surveying, I joined Ian to hold the measuring tape.

I’m not exactly sure which team Kevin was on today . . . he was likely liaising between all of them and making sure we were all on track.

Here’s our office, set up in the main area of the guest house . . .

And of course, there was a meeting with Galmi staff to get them updated on our progress, then another team meeting to share where we’re at . . . and to share some more testimonies.  Steven and Chad joined us for that, and it was neat to hear how they ended up in Niger too . . .

Besides the technical stuff, I managed to get some photos resized and uploaded (as you can tell).  The Niger Album is here . . . and you should be able to access it whether or not you have facebook.  I’ll be adding photos throughout the week as I get the chance (we’ve discovered the internet is much better early in the morning or late at night).

I’ve also found another project that suits me well . . . reorganizing the guesthouse library.  Today I got through the adult fiction . . . just alphabetizing and pulling out duplicates.  It’s a great way to use up spare minutes when I’m not out and about . . .

Enjoy the pictures.  Keep praying for us.  Pray for stamina, and for innovative ideas . . .


One thought on “Gathering information

  1. Melitta

    Michelle….you are doing a great job with the blog and photos…I’m so anxious when I “get the signal” that a new note is up to read. Great seeing the group…so I can figure out who is who when I read the story. Thanks again…the beauty of blogging….proudly, Kylan’s mama

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