We’re here!

We all made it safe & sound . . . only one bag short (pray that it”ll be here by Sunday) . . . thanks for praying.  I truly believe it was only your prayers that got us here.  Mine was the only LA flight that was on time into New York (the next flight was 3+ hours late), another team member got rerouted to avoid New York altogether, another almost got bumped off a flight . . . but we’re all here.  Internet is intermittent in Niamey, so I’ll post this while I can, and try for more details after we get to Galmi . . . we’ll be driving there tomorrow, and going through the giraffe reserve along the way . . .


One thought on “We’re here!

  1. Tammy Upchurch

    Glad to hear that everyone made it to Niamey. Anxiously awaiting news of your arrival at Galmi. I got 3 emails from Curtis’ GPS when you were en route and then didn’t get any others… Praying for safe travel.

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