Mad Science :)

So, this weekend we survived the invasion of 10 Mad Scientists:

Talia had requested a Mad Science party for her birthday, and we had so much fun!  We played with magnets, painted on homemade litmus paper, turned test tubes of cabbage juice pretty colours by adding acids and bases, blew up balloons with baking soda and vinegar, tested static electricity, made some goo, created marshmallow catapults, explored liquid densities . . . ate cake and opened presents, of course . . . and then blew frozen bubbles while the parents arrived . . .

The best compliment?  Besides the “this is cool” and variations on that theme while we were conducting the “experiments”  . . . a few hours after the party, one of the girls phoned to ask what juice that was that we used with the acids and bases – she wanted to show her family at home (a quick internet search found that grape juice was a viable alternative, since they didn’t happen to have any red cabbage or pickled beets at home 😉 )

Here’s “Dr. Talia” (not succeeding at) blowing out the birthday candle . . . it didn’t take her too long to figure out that she had to turn the funnel around:

And “Dr. Kaisa” turning the purple cabbage juice a pretty pink:

And some oobleck in the making:

Of course, while prepping for the party, I found dozens and dozens of other really neat science activities to do with the kids . . . hope Talia will still want to try a few of them at future play dates . . .


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