2 Weeks into 2011

. . . and I haven’t done a blog post yet.  I don’t think I’ve even uploaded any pictures to Facebook.  Terrible.  No, the world didn’t end for us at the end of last year.  In fact, life has continued along, busy and good.

While we had several good friends visit on New Year’s Eve, when it came time to ring in the New Year, it was just our family.  Talia and Kaisa managed to stay up until midnight, and we clinked glasses of sparkling grape juice, gave each other hugs . . . and went to bed!

We had a couple more days to relax, before school started again . . . and this week we were fully into routine.  Kaisa’s drama classes got cancelled, so we scrambled to find something else for her . . . and just heard yesterday that a spot has opened up for her to take guitar lessons.  She’s SO excited (let’s hope she has more musical talent than her mom or dad 😉 ).  And Talia?  Well, she turned a decade old this week.  Her party is tomorrow, and my “project” for the day is to get everything set up and organized.

And in less than 2 weeks more, I’ll be on my way to Niger with Kevin (assuming our Rendez Vous in Paris goes as planned . . . we’re heading opposite directions so that I can drop the kids off with grandparents first).  We updated our immunizations last week (thankfully, the more trips you go on, the less shots there are each time!).  Pray for us as we prepare to go, especially for our emotional and spiritual preparation, which is just as vital as the more “practical” preparation like shots and fundraising.

Hope the New Year is going well for you . . .



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