Happy Holidays

I hope that you’re all enjoying your holidays.  It’s well past Christmas, but I realized I had never shared the Christmas Card that we sent out this year – so here it is:

We had a wonderful Christmas Day, with presents, more skating, and Christmas Dinner with friends at our house . . . only the second turkey I’ve ever cooked in my life!

Talia & Kaisa got suitcases for Christmas this year . . . now they’re set to go visit Oma & Opa while Mom & Dad head to Niger at the end of January . . . they had to go on a treasure hunt to find them though 🙂

Kazue left for home on the early flight on boxing day, and since then we’ve been spending a quiet week.  Kevin’s been going into work a bit in the mornings, to book tickets and work on logistics for the Niger trip, as well as to process any last-minute year end donations coming into the eMi office.  Then we’ve been doing family stuff in the afternoon.  One afternoon we used up Talia’s free swim coupons that she had gotten from the lifesaving club and had the pool almost to ourselves.   Another afternoon we found a local toboggan hill (a bit smaller than the one we had been down previously) and the girls sledded until they were tired out – and then some friends joined us, so they sledded some more. 

One evening we headed out to Airdrie to see their light display, along with Kevin’s cousin and his family.  I loved their nativity in lights!

The last couple days have been colder, so we’ve stayed inside a bit more – run some errands and wandered the mall.  Today, we got to see friends from Fort St. John (that makes even mall-walking bearable 🙂 ).

And now we’re almost at the end of 2010.  Can’t believe there’s only one more day left! It’ll likely be another quiet day for us . . . though the kids are determined to stay up to welcome in the New Year.  Maybe they’ll stay up and we’ll fall asleep . . .


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