It’s official – I’m going to Niger!

While the rest of us are already enjoying our holidays (watch for pictures and an update in the next day or two), Kevin has been in the office, busily figuring out the logistics for his January Niger trip.  Today, he booked tickets.

This was especially exciting for me, since I get to go along!  It was up and down for a bit on whether there would be room for me on the team . . . and I certainly didn’t want to displace a design professional who would be able to provide more technical expertise than I could . . . but apparently God has a role for me to play on this trip.  It’s a hospital project (the second phase of the renovation of an SIM general hospital in Galmi), so perhaps I’ll be spending time visiting patients, perhaps I’ll be pressed into service helping to support the team . . . I never know before I get there.  But I’m excited to see what God has planned.

I do have to raise support for my portion of the trip costs, so if you’d like to be part of that, we’d appreciate your donation.  Please include a note with your donation that it’s for “Project #10019 Volunteer Wiens”.

I’ll keep you posted . . . and I’ll get some more Christmas-y pictures up soon . . .


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