Christmas is coming . . .

I think we just survived the busiest week of our pre-Christmas season. It’s been a bit hectic since the end of November/beginning of December, with seasonal church activities, my Aunt & Oma coming up for a week (they were volunteering at Samaritan’s Purse, but got to stay at our house) and just regular weekly activites . . . but our past week had more than its share of special activities:

Monday: English Corner Christmas Potluck – great turn out, great fun.  We’ve got such a wonderful group at English Corner this year.

English Corner Potluck

Tuesday: Care Group & Pioneer Clubs . . . except, partway through our regular potluck before we send the kids to clubs and do our Bible study, we were informed that we had to evacuate the church due to a potential gas leak.  The fire engine came and we finished our dinner outside in the cold . . . and then headed home when clubs was cancelled.  Talia headed to school to sing with the choir after all (there’s two Christmas concerts at the school, and the choir has the option to sing at both) while the rest of us enjoyed a surprise evening home.

Wednesday: School Christmas Concert . . . both kids were “Secret Agents” (part of the rhythm band playing Orff instruments), Talia was in the choir, and both classes had poems to recite (in German!) as part of the performance.

Christmas Concert

Thursday: Decorating the Christmas Tree

Decorating the Christmas Tree


In the morning, I went in to the classroom to help out with some Christmas Baking happening in Talia’s class

After school, the girls each brought friends home . . . 5 girls all together . . . playing, borrowing the neighbour puppies, creating science experiments and the like.

Science Experiments

In the evening . . . well, Talia had gotten tickets from her dentist to go see the Hitman game . . . but since she had another evening of Junior Lifesaving Club, she gave her tickets to Kaisa and Dad (with promise of her turn later) while she went for her last swimming.


First – Kaisa’s drama performance.  We ran errands during her dress reheral, and then went to watch her be an Obsk (the kind that only eats Rhubarb and Corn on the Cobsk from Dr. Seuss’ “If I Ran the Zoo”).  She was very cute, and I think she’s hooked . . . I’m guessing there’s more drama classes to come.

Kaisa the Obsk

Then, in the evening, we went to the Geocachers Christmas Party . . . a potluck, some games, a silent auction, a gift exchange and the like.  It’s nice to be able to put faces to some of the geocaching names that you come to recognize.  Our family was so lucky . . . we ended up with several draw prizes on top of our gifts, plus, Kevin ended up getting tickets to another Hitman game in the silent auction for him and Talia to go to.

Sunday: We took Misaki, our homestay student, to the airport first thing in the morning to say our good-byes.  Our girls always find that a bit tough . . .

Bye Misaki

Then we headed to Tim Horton’s (since it was a bit early for church yet, but not worth heading home) and then to Church.  The kids needed some down time, so we pulled out the paints and the girls did some Christmas crafts.


Then, Daddy and Talia headed off to the “Teddybear Toss” Hitman Game.  Thanks to the silent auction tickets, they had seats right near the front, and got rained on by lots of teddybears 🙂

Teddy Bear Toss

Today is the start of another week.  There’s a Pioneer Clubs party tomorrow, but other than that our regular events have ended and we should be able to take things a bit slower . . . and that’s a good thing . . .


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