A Big Picture Look at Christian Relief & Development

A couple Fridays ago, Kevin attended a workshop for CCRDA members along with a dozen other Christian relief and development organizations.  There were lots of great contacts with organizations like Food for the Hungry, Samaritan’s Purse, AIM, and SIM. Most of these organizations have either already partnered with eMi or were very interested in getting eMi to work for them in the future.  It’s meetings like this (and others, like the Calgary ministerial) that help get the word out  to potential client ministries that eMi exists and has valuable services to offer.

The workshop itself was called “Creating a Common Voice,” and much of the discussion at the workshop was about things our organizations have in common – and how the Canadian government and secular funding organizations are recently viewing faith-based organizations like ours more favourably than in the recent decades. We talked about how we can be tempted to water down our mission statements in order to receive secular funding and were encouraged to not shy away from our true beliefs and passions, even in our pleas for funding. We talked about how we can better work together towards our common goals, especially in political and inter-agency circles.

It’s exciting to see the many things Christian relief & development agencies are doing around the world – and the many opportunities to meet like-minded agencies are very encouraging.


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