Dessert Evening Recap

It was -20 in Calgary on Friday and the roads were nasty . . . and we were wondering who would actually brave this weather just to hear about what God was doing around the world through eMi.  Yes, a few people stayed away – and we certainly couldn’t blame them.  But we had about 65 people out for eMi Canada’s Dessert Evening – including some former interns who drove all the way from Edmonton just for this, and one of Kevin’s recent volunteers who made the trek up from Lethbridge.  What an encouragement to all of us connected with eMi!

There were old friends and new faces, and everyone seemed to enjoy the evening.  Our “inaugural” silent auction went over well, and we heard from two of our client ministries – Leslee, from Kevin’s Burundi trip, came down from Edmonton, and we connected up with Pierre, from Greg’s Haiti Trip, via a skype video call.  We also heard briefly from a volunteer, from a long time donor and from our interns . . . all sharing how eMi has impacted their lives.  I love the quote that one of the interns shared from Panito (the pastor from Burundi):

EMi involvement on my ministry (ICM Burundi) has added an enormous value to what we and God are doing in the mission field of Burundi . . . The team of these engineers has made my vision more clear than before, now I can see clearly where we are going and what we need to do to get there.

Many of those who got up to speak shared why they were involved with eMi, and what struck me was that the reasons were as varied as the people who were speaking – but all saw eMi meeting a felt need, both their own and that of ministries around the world.

I wish you all could have been there last night – I know Calgary is too far for many of you to come.  Thanks for praying for the evening . . . it was great!


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