Family Update

Figured it was about time for a more personal update again . . . between the trip and other things happening at eMi, I haven’t really talked much about us since September.

Here’s a few things that have been happening at our house:

Kaisa got glasses!  She was so excited . . . and she got to pick them out all by herself – don’t they look cute on her?

Kaisa's glasses

(Kaisa is pretty excited about the puppy too – she’s not ours, she’s one of our neighbour’s two new puppies, but Kaisa and Talia get to borrow them whenever they want)

Talia competed in her first lifesaving competiton – that’s her in the first lane carrying the mannequin . . .

Mannequin Carry

Talia started the Junior Lifesaving Club (instead of Rhythmic Gymnastics) this fall, and it’s amazing how much her swimming confidence has increased!  She even passed Swimmer 4 in a single set of school lessons 🙂

While Talia was at the swim competition, the rest of Team Wiens – including our homestay student – was at the Edworthy Park running a Grand Prix X-Country Race.  Kaisa & Misaki ran the 4 k, Kevin did the 8 k . . . and it was apparently quite the course with lots of hills (and lots of wind at the top of the hills).

Kaisa & Misaki running

There’s a couple more races in the Grand Prix X-Country series in December . . . and this time there will likely be snow on the ground . . .



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