Explaining eMi to the 7 & under Set

Kevin presented about Engineering Ministries International at an Awana program in the area last week . . . here’s his update:

On Wednesday, I had the opportunity to present eMi to 35 kids aged 5 to 7 at a local clubs program. It was definitely a challenge to get across what we did and why it was important, but I think they got it and it was a lot of fun. I used a 3-D model of the school site in Guatemala that we had gone to design 5 years ago. We had shapes cut out to represent the school building, soccer field, banana groves, church, etc. I got the kids to think about what might be important to think about before deciding where to place these things on the site. The kids then tried their hand at putting the pieces on the model and we talked about it.

The tie to missions was that eMi was providing a service to missionary teachers by freeing them up to do what they do well, which is to teach, and for us to do what we do well, which is master planning, engineering and making blueprints.

I also did the presentation to the 8-10 year olds which was a little easier, but there was still 20 of them.


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