Reflections on the Burundi Trip

Kevin wrote up the following for the church bulletins of some of our supporting churches.  Thought you might be interested in his reflections too:

Kevin returned from Burundi last week (October 13th) where he led a team of volunteer engineers and architects to design a seminary for International Christian Ministries. This tiny land locked African country is short of trained pastors, resulting in many local churches being led by pastors with very few resources, little training, or low levels of literacy. This seminary will be the first non-denominational seminary in the country and will fill a big need for up to 1000 students at a time once it is fully built out. Presently, Reverend Painito Ambuka is running workshops and seminars for pastors but has a vision to grow this into a full-time school.

The team was challenged all week to pray for Burundi and the local church as they rebuild after years of civil war. They worked well together and came up with a phased plan that the ministry was excited about. Construction has started, but funding is well short of the goals, even for the first phase. So please keep Burundi and this project in your prayers.

Also, Kevin and the EMI team can be upheld in prayer for reverse culture shock as they return to the rich west, and as they process what God has for them next now that he has stretched each of them in many ways. There are lots more details about the project and the trip on the Wiens blog at (Check out previous blog posts if you’re interested in more details of the trip)

Thanks for being part of the Wiens’ ministry to mobilize and lead design teams to work with ministries around the world.


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