Monday’s Mission

I was wrong . . . Kevin must have managed to get to the internet cafe one more time.  This version of Monday’s events is probably a bit more readable, compared to the bits and pieces that I cobbled together from our skype chat the other day:

Half the team went to a widow’s skill development center to check out the possibility of a future EMI trip. The rest of us went to a school to hand out clothes and soccer balls to orphans. It was quite an experience, with about a hundred children and sadly, not quite enough clothes to go around. But the school, kids, and mothers were very grateful for what they got. While we were waiting for our van to be fixed, we had fun with the kids, learning Kirundi counting, and teaching them to count in German.

In the afternoon we went to the market where we were overwhelmed by the crowded, claustrophobic conditions. We bought a few souvenirs but the experience was amazing.

Our debriefing meeting with the team went very well. We had time to go over the week, and to discuss how God had stretched each of us.

As we were ending, another missionary came by whom Christoph (one of the volunteers) had contacted, and was quite interested in EMI. He has been in the country for 13 years and might be looking for EMI services as well. There are so many worthwhile projects here that it may be difficult to only work with a few.

Kevin and (most of) the team should currently be on their first flight home.  Pray for travelling mercies as they go . . .


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