This is likely the last email I’ll get from Kevin before he heads home . . . we managed to be on the computer at the same time this morning, and we “chatted” via skype for a bit . . . it’s about 5:30 Monday evening there . . . Kevin said:

We’re waiting in a cafe with free wifi, waiting for the rain to end so we can walk back . . . We went to a school today to hand out clothes to the orphans. It was very exciting. There were about 100 kids who got clothes. I learned some Kirundi counting and Christoph taught them how to count in German. I still don’t know very many Kirundi words, but I am veryglad I was practicing my french. It has been very useful

We went to the market today. It was like a HUGE walmart where all the sellers had their own stalls.  It was inside and very crowded.  I got a little claustrophic.  All the clothing stores were in one place, all the food in another, etc.  We were 5 men and 1 woman who were in the clothes department for an hour. I didn’t buy anything there, but it sure was an experience

We went to a restaurant yesterday with the team and our hosts. But after we got there, and they had set out 17 chairs, they finally said they had no food. only drinks. They had run out. So we went to a 2 other restaurants before we found one that had enough food for our group

It is 5:30 in the evening today. So we are having dinner, then a debriefing meeting and then to bed . . . We have another meeting in the morning with another ministry. This is the 4th ministry that we’ve made serious contact with for which an EMI team is needed.

So, tomorrow Kevin will be on the plane heading home . . . pray for him and the team . . . the surveyor is staying a few extra days to survey an additional site, the interns are dropping by the eMi UK office on their way home . . . pray for everyone as they travel and then head their separate ways . . .



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