Pictures and Random Info

Kevin has sent along a few pictures from Burundi . . . you can find the album here.  Also, here’s a few more random bits of info from Kevin:

I haven’t been sleeping enough. I’ve been waking up before 6:00 every day and falling asleep after 11:00. Hopefully I can catch up a little in the next few days. I wake up thinking about the team, my responsibilities, and the events of the previous day. Maybe it’s because of the very vivid dreams I’ve been having caused by the malaria medication.

We’ve been eating a lot of spaghetti and beans for dinner. For lunches, we’ve had a lot of rice and “irish” potatoes which are just boiled potatoes. For breakfast it has mostly been bread with peanut butter and eggs a couple times. One team member commented about the food to a local as saying he was enjoying Burundi food because it was so western. In fact, none of the food we’ve eaten has been very Burundian. Much of it is imported into the expensive import stores, or cooked in as western a way as they can for our benefit.

ICM runs English classes very day as a way to reach out to the locals. As honoured guests, we went to each of these classes to introduce ourselves. The classes are taught by volunteers from Kenya which is an English speaking country. Burundi is French speaking but the country is determined to become more tied in with the East African countries by learning English and cutting visa requirements. It is taking big steps to reduce corruption, improve its infrastructure, and invite economic development.

I was very glad when Wednesday came. By then I could relax a little and I didn’t have to be “on” quite as much full time. The team was in a groove. Now that the Friday night presentation is over, it will be less demanding again. We still have to figure out our daily schedules and the team looks to me for that but less so than earlier in the week.

So, keep praying for Kevin and the team.  Right now they’re doing a bit of relaxing, a bit of debriefing . . . and soon they’ll start their long journey home . . .


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