Visits & Water on Wednesday

Back to Kevin’s updates:

Today started with a trip to a small local private university built a couple years ago. The purpose was to see how the program was run, how the buildings were laid out, and what things we could learn in order to build the ICM theological college better. We especially studied the dormitories, kitchen/dining room sizing and layout, and the size of the classrooms and offices. We asked Painito what he liked and didn’t like about it and took that into consideration for the new buildings. Next we tackled finding someone who knew anything about water well drilling in the country. After meeting a couple people, we found the head geologist at the Ministry of Mines and Resources. He said their department used to drill water wells for communities but their equipment has been broken and unused for 20 years. They only have one technician left and he has no equipment to use. We then inquired to the NGO relief agencies and no one had heard of anyone with any drill rigs in the country. The equipment would have to be driven from Uganda or Kenya if we wanted well water. Our last and least desirable option is to take water from the lake. We’ll investigate that tomorrow but it should work but as a last resort.

We had dinner with the chief of security for the country (head of CIA equivalent). As the leader of the honoured guests, I sat next to him and tried to engage in small talk for an hour. That was tough! His broken English and formality were barriers, but we talked about our kids, the challenges of the country, and what we did in our spare time. He will be escorting us on Saturday to the beach (I think he is coming swimming too). The locals were quite intimidated by him, but he is a Christian, and has been tasked by the country’s president to ensure no politicians or bureaucracy hold this project up.

We ended the evening with a discussion of how much we have yet to do this week and how we’re going to get it done.  Tomorrow will be a busy day. Our devotional was about how each of us has a part to play in the church, and how our supporters and encouragers back home are just as much a part of this project as we are.


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