Progress on Tuesday

Kevin’s very positive about the progress he’s already seen!

Tuesday started with a visit to a government minister who sent us to his director, who called the manager, who went with us to the site to investigate what it would take to bring electrical power to the site. The result is that the field staff will be mobilized to quantify the work so that we can have an answer what it would take to get it done. Next the community water manager and operations technician went with us to the local community spring to investigate what it would take to get more water to the pipe so that the site could get more water. At 2:00 we met with another government minister (former contractor/engineer) who had worked with ICM to design and partially build the building they had on site. We obtained design drawings, assumptions, and many recommendations on how to proceed. We finished up the day with hearing the last of the testimonies of the team. It was a very full day but it is exciting to get this much done in one day. With the speed of all things bureaucratic it was amazing that we had that many meaningful meetings.

Upon hearing that we were concerned about how to get water to the site, one government minister said, the country’s president is so excited about this project that if the building is built, the president will make it so happen that we don’t have to worry about how to get the water or electricity. He would pressure his officials to make it happen.


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