En Route to Burundi

Bujumbura.  Isn’t that the best capital city name ever?  Well, maybe except Ouagadougou.  Kevin’s landed there before too.  But right now, he’s on his way to Bujumbura, Burundi.  From Calgary, he flew to London, and then on to Addis Ababa, and his last stop will be Bujumbura.  I don’t even know exactly when his flight is landing, but since he left just over 24 hrs ago, I know there’s definitely a few more hours to go.  His flight out of Calgary was delayed by a couple hours – bad weather in London apparently.  But it didn’t affect any connections, and the last I heard from Kevin was a text message:

We found everyone and now we are leaving london.

Amazing how comforting those 9 words can be (well, actually, 11 – I left out the “love you” 😉 ).   London was the “meeting point” for the eMi Canada project team – the first time this group of volunteers actually laid eyes on each other.  Kevin knows a few of the volunteers from previous trips – and he’s been working with the interns for the past month, of course – but, as usual, there are volunteers from across Canada and the US – and even an engineer from Germany who found our website a few months back . . .Oh, and an architect from the eMi East Africa office who is coming along too . . . pray for the team, that they have a chance to get to know each other and begin to feel like the “team” that they are . . . it’s amazing how quickly you go from being perfect strangers to being a cohesive unit on one of these trips!

For those of you who haven’t heard much about Burundi yet, here’s the project profile that explain a bit of what Kevin and his team are going to be doing.  The September Wiens Wanderings (our newsletter, not this blog) also has some information (let me know if you’d like it emailed to you regularly).  And . . . if you’re praying for Kevin (or anyone else on this project trip), be sure to check out the eMi Canada Project Trip Prayer Guide.  I’ll try to keep you posted too, but I don’t know yet whether Kevin will have internet available to him or whether we’ll be communicating in 128 characters or less . . .


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