One Week In

We’re one week into the “Back to School” season here (yes, Calgary schools started last THURSDAY! ) and life is slowly starting to fall back into some semblance of routine.

The girls are both happy with their classes and teachers, and right now they’re still actually excited to get homework (that will doubtless change in a few weeks!). Most of the other activities start up in the next week or two, but right now after school has been fairly quiet.

I’ve been back in the eMi office and am trying to prioritize my limited hours there, while also trying to figure out what can be passed on to various volunteers.  The new eMi interns arrived on Tuesday – they’re both on Kevin’s project trip to Burundi.  They came by for dinner yesterday, and we’re enjoying getting to know them.

Kevin’s been enjoying the ups and downs of project trip recruitment . . . there’s always something to keep you on your toes!  But it looks like the team is mostly in place, all but one of the tickets are purchased, and Kevin already has his Burundi visa in hand . . . not bad for 3 weeks to go!


One thought on “One Week In

  1. Lora

    Your girls have homework? Josie hasn’t had any…… you should have gone to French school instead of German LOL. Glad the 1st week went well.

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