Where did the summer go . . .

. . . and why didn’t I blog about it?!?  I can’t believe that I haven’t posted anything since the beginning of July (any more than I can believe that the kids are already back to school tomorrow!!)

It’s amazing how busy a summer can get, even when there’s not a lot planned.  Kevin, of course, was working, but the rest of us enjoyed a good kind of busy – a take things as they come and enjoy the moment kind of busy.   In July we went camping on the long weekend (along with the adventure described in my last post), enjoyed some stampede fun, took the eMi interns out to Banff for a day, and got to see both of Kevin’s brothers and their families, along with less “momentous” events like playdates, trips to the zoo, geocaching, visits to the beach (yes, you can find a beach near Calgary if you look hard enough) and the like.  The girls had a week of daycamp in there, and the days just flew by.

August started with a bang – Kevin was running the Calgary Ironman 70.3 (that’s a half-ironman distance) on August 1st.  He had an international cheering squad with our intern from the States and my parents who were visiting along with a cousin from Germany (who I hadn’t seen since she was a toddler)  . . . and with all our cheering, Kevin finished in 5 hours 50 minutes (the time on the timer is based on the pro start – Kevin’s heat started 10 minutes later).

In the next few days, our intern headed home, the girls headed off to camp, and my family headed home . . . leaving us with an amazingly quiet house  🙂  (That gave me a chance to go into the office for a day and catch up on a few things too.)

It didn’t last long . . . August saw Kaisa’s birthday party (10 kids scrapbooking in my livingroom), friends from Fort St. John visiting, and our holidays.

For the last two weeks we’ve been in the Okanagan, visiting with both Kevin’s family and with mine.  We tried out a bunch different beaches, saw LOTS of relatives (and friends), hiked a few mountains, biked a few trails, found a few geocaches, and cheered on a few ironmen.  We also had a chance to speak at Kaleden Church and to share what we’d been doing at a bit of a family reunion.

And now we’re home.  We’re not totally unpacked yet, we’re not sure we’re totally ready for school – but that’s beside the point.  Tomorrow, the fall schedule begins and life will change drastically once again . . . I’ll try to keep you posted.


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