When the trail ends . . . go further

We’ve had an amazing extra-long weekend of camping, hiking, and mountain biking out in Kanaskis Country.  It’s always thrilling to be in God’s creation, and this weekend we spent each afternoon without a specific plan, looking for interesting places to hike and bike near our campground.  We had our share of adventures . . . not the least of those being Kaisa finding a hill that was actually too steep for her to bike down (we spent Saturday evening back in Calgary after getting Kaisa stitched up).

But that “detour” aside, I think what struck me most this weekend is how much we enjoy going off the beaten track . . . in fact, getting off the track altogether.  My highlights of this weekend include fording a stream, getting to the end of the trail, dropping our bikes, and going further to the edge of the river . . .  hiking up a cutline where there were no trails to pick up a couple geocaches out in the middle of nowhere . . . planning to find an easy hike for today and ending up at the top of a 1000 ft ascent looking down at the hills below us . . .

Our family motto could probably be “when the trail ends . . . go further”.   A sense of adventure isn’t a bad thing . . . it’s probably also at least partially what makes Kevin willing to head into places like South Sudan, the D.R. Congo, and Burundi (and me a bit envious that I can’t always go with him) . . . places that most people consider beyond the trail’s end.

But what is it about going beyond the end of a trail that’s so fascinating?  And is it a good thing?  I’m not sure I can answer that.  But I can say I’m much more confident venturing beyond the end of the trail when we have our GPS along.  I think likewise, in life, I’m much more willing to venture off the beaten track when I know someone still knows where I am and which direction I’m heading . . . I don’t know if I always follow God’s leading the way I should, but I’m sure glad to know he’s there to pick up the pieces whatever direction I wander.  And if he calls our family off the beaten track . . . well, at least we have a bit of experience . . .


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