Let it Snow?!?

The weather this week has been pretty miserable . . . it started raining on Wednesday, and it has evolved into a cold, drizzly snow that’s more appropriate for February than for almost June.  And of course, this is the week of outdoor field trips, a soccer tournament, and the Calgary Marathon.  The soccer tournament was postponed, the field trips were somewhat curtailed, but the marathon will go ahead as planned.

Despite the weather, Talia and Kaisa are very excited about running the 5K tomorrow.  They enjoyed picking up their race packages, getting their timing chips checked, and laying out their running gear in preparation.

(They’ve also just finished raising some money for “Jump for Heart” at school, so now they’re getting excited that they can do some fundraising for eMi too.)

Kevin’s excited too.  It’s his second marathon in less than a month – he ran the Vancouver Marathon on May 2nd – and he’ll be leaving the house very early to get to the start line for a 7 o’clock start.  (The girls’ race is a bit later, so they get to sleep in a bit).

I’m hoping the weather’s a little bit nicer tomorrow . . . you can prepare for the cold, but the wet makes running a lot less fun (and the standing & cheering too!).  I’ll try to get pictures and results posted as soon as I can . . .


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