African Children’s Choir

Have you ever had the opportunity to see the African Children’s Choir?  They’re absolutely fabulous! I remember seeing them 15 or so years ago, and I was thrilled when I heard that they’d be performing in our church this past weekend.

Besides seeing the concert, we were also able to host a few of the choir members overnight.  It was so exciting to see my girls and these girls  from Kenya and Uganda enjoying themselves just being kids (the ACC girls were SO excited to find that they were going to a house with kids . . . and dolls . . . and dress up clothes . . . ).  The time was way too short, but I’m sure the memories – at least for my girls – will last a long, long time.

Here’s a picture of the actual performance . . . that’s one of “our” girls singing the solo:

After the concert, the Choir Leader was talking about the Music for Life Primary School that they’re building in Uganda.  It turns out that Kevin’s been there!  EMI did the design for their new campus.  While Kevin wasn’t part of that team, when he led a team to Uganda last year, his team stopped by the construction site to take a look at local construction methods.  Small world!

If you want a chance to see the choir, check out their tour dates – they’re in and out of Calgary, through Alberta and into BC this spring.  And there are other tours in various other parts of North America.


One thought on “African Children’s Choir

  1. Crystal

    What incredible pictures. I remember when we saw the African Children’s Choir and had three girls staying in our home as well. Amazing and unforgettable experience!

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