Haiti – Day 6

Today’s report:

We were picked up by the Baptist Mission ministry today to go investigate a personal house. It was a on the seashore with a nice view and lots of shade trees. It was quite a treat. They served us lunch before they returned us to our guesthouse. We will spend the evening preparing details for the reports and then email a report in the next day or two. We will also be visiting a local chicken farmer today to look at his buildings.

It is very encouraging that there is no sign that people are depressed, or have lost hope. They are not blaming God or fate. They have quickly picked up the pieces and are moving on. They may have less than what they had before, but we keep hearing “that is life” and “let’s move on”.

The road side markets  are bustling, construction materials are not very inflated where we are. Tools are definitely inflated, but normal construction materials are priced reasonably.

The team is feeling a little overwhelmed with the work load and we will have to take Sunday to catch up on our reporting. We hope to also attend an 8AM baptismal.

So . . . keep praying for the team.  Pray that they’ll get the rest they need tomorrow, and also that they’ll be able to keep up with their reporting.  Pray for continued wisdom, both in their recommendations, and in how to spend their remaining time in Haiti.  Thanks for praying!


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