Haiti – Day 5

A few bits and pieces I got from Kevin today:

From this afternoon

We just came back from a walk down the road to visit a huge compound where numerous buildings collapsed and many others survived. It was a good walk and we were able to see which buildings other engineers had condemned and which they were willing to save. It’s good to see we’re on the same page.

We did a formal inspection on 4 buildings today. We have a whole bunch of work to do tonight, so hopefully the electricity keeps up to our late night stints . . .

From this evening:

The work keeps piling up. There is no end of buildings to look at and people that want us to come see their building. We checked out 4 buildings today and now we have some paperwork to do this evening while the generator is still running. It feels great to be able to provide expert advice that people are really valuing. We have an excellent team for this job.

From just a few minutes ago:

We’re quite busy but we’re winding down for the night.  It’s pouring rain and I’m taking my shampoo into the rain to shower – just have to watch for tarantulas – it’s hard in the dark.

A word of wisdom:

Pertaining to the tarantulas: “Don’t kill them, they kill the mice”


I really need to go to bed. The rooster was jumping up and down on our tin roof at 4:30 this morning.  I did sleep until 6AM but that’s when the day starts for everyone . . .


One thought on “Haiti – Day 5

  1. Ann Driedger

    Wow! Your days sound very packed full, and challenging. I just found your blog. May God give much wisdom and strength, focus, and ability to bless and encourage the people, and each other!

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