Haiti – Day 4 (con’d)

It looks like Kevin’s team has run into a few logistical snags.  This is not a surprise . . . but it is a reminder to pray.  Please keep praying that God would be in the details:

We planned a late start on Thursday morning so we could catch up on the assessments before we moved on to Gressier. Our driver came at 11 with a car that too small for our stuff. He suggested we go rent a car for $150 / day plus him as a driver for $100 per day for the next 5 days. Thinking this was a bit stiff, I called a local pastor we had done an assessment for and asked him for help and he provided a vehicle and driver for a one way trip for the cost of gas. We were on the road by 3:30 for 1.5 hour long drive. Wow, praise the Lord for his generosity.

So now we are in Gressier with no vehicle. But the guesthouse where we are staying has some connections and we will be renting a vehicle and driver here by the day. We found the guesthouse and a bunch of the sites by GPS only. Garmin is coming through for us.

I connected with a local pastor in Gressier in the evening and we will be visiting his building this morning. I’m a little worried about how to communicate our recommendations with this ministry since we don’t have any other emails or contact people who might speak English. We had several other buildings added to our list as soon as we landed in Gressier.

Our guesthouse is within a couple kilometres of the epicentre of the earthquake. Every house has significant structural failures and total collapse for nearly every second house. In Port au Prince the ratio was about 5 houses with minor cracking for every one that totally collapsed.

We had a great time of testimonies yesterday morning while waiting for our car in PAP. It’s a great bunch of guys that are willing to work hard and late.

It is so much quieter here than the capital city. We are out in the countryside where everyone has a couple acres, and traffic is much closer to non-existent. However, the rooster on our tin roof this morning definitely let us know he was there – at 4:30AM. Our day starts at 6 AM and ends around 10PM. There is only a couple hours of power per day so we are very glad to have headlamps since otherwise, it is pitch black in the evening.

My French is sure getting a work out. Much more than I expected, and of course I forgot my French/English dictionary at home. I’ll have make a more concerted effort when I get back to improve my French.


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