Day 1 in Haiti

Kevin arrived safely in Haiti . . . and they’ve already started the assessments.  It sounds like the big prayer request for this trip will be LOGISTICS . . .here’s Kevin’s email:

We had 4 hours of sleep last night and then off to the airport. The 2 others had an hour less of sleep than us. Our flight to Port au Prince was early but otherwise uneventful. The flight had a lot of aid workers on it and many Haitians going back home to see their destroyed houses after years away. We were picked up and went to the guest house where we reorganized our things before being picked up by a different driver to take us around. It took us an hour to go the 8 km to the site because of the heavy traffic. It didn’t help that Bill Clinton was in town and we had to go through all the UN and US army convoys.

We went to a church that had completely collapsed and whose pastor had miraculously left the building 15 minutes before the collapse. 2 bodies were still buried in the rubble. We spent a couple hours on site offering the site supervisor safer procedures in how to dismantle it and details on how to ensure it is built safer next time.

The guesthouse where we are staying has been totally destroyed except one small building. Dozens of tents have been set up in the parking lot to accommodate the aid workers and long term missionaries who are stationed here. It is now late afternoon, and we are on siesta break and waiting around for dinner to be served. Also, I am planning the appointments for the next couple days. Getting around is going to take a lot of time and water for 4 big guys plus a driver in a corolla sized car.

Pray for wisdom as we continue to prioritize and decide which buildings to go see. Everyone needs help. It seems practically the whole city is sleeping on the streets because they are afraid even the good buildings will collapse in the middle of the night. Many buildings are still okay but people are afraid to spend any time in them. But when it rains they apparently appreciate the roof enough to forego their fears and then they go inside.


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