A whirlwind . . . and he’s off . . .

It’s been a whirlwind few days both getting ready for Haiti and just doing the every day things of life.  We didn’t KNOW Kevin would be leaving on a trip this weekend when we did our scheduling, and you can tell.  Even without that added in, it was a busy few days.

On Thursday, I was back at work, trying hard to get the ACDP article edited. It was also one of our pre-planned team building exercises . . . we took the interns to experience the very Canadian sport of curling 🙂 .  It was a lot of fun . . . but it did cut into Kevin’s time to clear his desk off before his looming trip.

On Friday, the Aylards came to visit the eMi Canada office.  The Aylards are a family from Kelowna who are preparing to join the eMi East Africa office. They will be the first missionaries that the Canadian office has “sent out” to an international office.  Their deputation is coming to an end, their tickets are already purchased, and they’ll be leaving at the beginning of May . . . you can check out their story on their Team Aylard blog, if you like.  I’ve been helping out with some of the HR stuff – largely the cultural training – and Kevin, of course, is involved in the financial administration side of things, so both of us were very involved in the time they spent getting to know the Canada office.  In the evening, we also had a more social time with the Aylards – all the eMi families had dinner together, the kids got to know each other, and we had a time of prayer to send the Aylards out.

On Saturday, I had agreed to help out with some Cultural Training with the Calgary ESL Ministries Association – a full morning of work for me (but so much fun!).  Kevin had last minute errands to run, and we were very thankful for a former intern staying with us for the weekend who kept the kids entertained all morning playing Lego!

When I finally got home, Kevin headed off for a long run (trying to make up for no training for the time he’s gone), and after supper we all headed up to the church for a family event “journey to Easter”.  It was really well done, with different stations playing out the different parts of the Easter story.  The girls took a couple of friends along who weren’t very familiar with the Easter Story, and it was neat to see how fascinated all 4 of them were with the scenes playing out before their eyes.

Then home . . . a late bedtime as the girls said their last good-byes . . . last minute packing (how do you fit a hard hat AND a camping mat into the suitcase along with ALL the other stuff???) . . . and a very short sleep.

We were very glad the intern was around so that I could drive Kevin to the airport at 4 a.m. without having to wake the kids!  And he’s off . . .

I got a couple more hours of sleep, and woke up to this email from Kevin:

I made it through customs with lots of time to spare: 1:45. I got here just before the lines started getting too long. There are lots of kids around here already, even at 5 AM. I wonder how the parents got them out of bed. I imagine Kaisa and Talia sleep/walking if they were here.

The things you see:

  • Tim Hortons must be catching on.  There was a US custom’s officer with Tim Horton’s coffee.
  • The bar was open and someone drinking beer at 5AM
  • The breakfast line at Harvey’s is 20 deep already.

I have a 5 hour layover in Dallas and then on to Fort Lauderdale for a quick night. Then we catch a very early flight to Port au Prince where I pray everything is set up for us and the whole team makes it. And I hope I have enough rain gear. It looks like it’ll be muddy and wet the whole week.

Please pray for safe travels for Kevin and the team, and for the logistics to fall into place when they arrive in Haiti . . . I’m not sure how much I’ll hear from Kevin, but I’ll definitely try to keep you posted . . .


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