MissionVision, Home & Haiti

The MissionVision Weekend in Fort St. John was fabulous, as always.  I am constantly amazed how a relatively small community like Fort St. John can pull together a Missions Conference that rivals the big Missionsfests in everything but size!  But through my years living in Fort St. John, one of the things I definitely came to appreciate was how well the churches there manage to work together.  MissionVision is only one example of this.

The big difference for us between MissionVision and Missionsfest is our target group.  At Missionsfest, we’re mostly talking to engineers and architects who might be interested in coming along on our trips.  Here, we’re mostly talking to people from our ministry team – those who pray for us and/or support us financially – as well as others who follow our newsletters or otherwise remember us from our days in Fort St. John.  The types of information these individuals are looking for is much different – and the conversations are much deeper!  And needless to say, by the end of the weekend conference, we were utterly exhausted! I have to admit – I was thrilled when a few of the young people who were in my seminar last year (about “what can a kid do” to prep for missions) stopped by the booth!  These are definitely some missions-minded kids.

Sunday morning, Kevin and I shared at our home church before a quick lunch (at Wendy’s, of course – the place to go after church in Fort St. John 😉 ) and just like that, our time in Fort St. John was done.

We didn’t try to make it all the way home.  We’ve learned from experience that we need the drive to rest and regroup.  And apparently we were right – Kaisa fell asleep just before Beaverlodge, and didn’t stir until we arrived in Whitecourt!  We were originally planning to stop in Grande Prairie for my birthday dinner, but we REALLY didn’t want to wake Kaisa, so we found a nice Pizza & Steak House in Whitecourt instead.

Today, we continued the drive.  It was gorgeous out, so we took it slow, stopped for some geocaches along the way, and arrived home just before supper time.  After cleaning out the car and a quick bite to eat, we actually jumped on our bikes for the first bike ride of the season (to Safeway to get milk, but hey . . . )!

The drive wasn’t all rest & relaxation though.  We managed to download emails when we stopped for lunch, and Kevin spent a good chunk of time on his phone and on his computer, trying to get things organized for Haiti . . . his structural engineers are confirmed, but the logistics are still being worked out.  Flight itineraries, where to stay, what will be needed on the ground . . . so far, it looks like Kevin will be leaving on Sunday.  Between now and then, there’s a ton of things that need to be done.  Most people here don’t even know he’s going yet, since the call didn’t come until we were on our way to Fort St. John.  After a day in the office tomorrow, hopefully we’ll be able to give you a better idea of what Kevin’s time in Haiti will look like.  Until then, please keep praying for him, as he has to deal with logistics for the Haiti trip AND work at clearing up whatever has piled up on his desk over the last ten days while we were gone.


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