Haiti details falling into place

The details for Haiti are falling into place.  Today, Kevin got flights booked, a place to stay reserved, and I think he even found a vehicle and a translator . . . or maybe he just got a lead on the vehicle and translator . . .  I’m not 100% sure.  He purchased necessities like power bars (the meal replacement kind), polysporin, and something for upset stomachs.  He stopped at the library to pick up another French study guide.  And he started checking off the MANY things on his to-do list before he leaves on Sunday.

So – what will Kevin’s trip to Haiti look like?  Officially, this will be a Disaster Relief Structural Assessment Team.  Kevin and three structural engineers (including one from the lower mainland with good seismic experience) will be heading to Port au Prince to do the assessments.  Lots of buildings were damaged in the earthquake, and, from what I understand, ministries are now trying to figure out what the next steps are – are these structures fixable or do they need to be torn down completely?  Many ministries have contacted eMi and asked for assistance, and eMi has been keeping a list of buildings that need to be assessed.  Essentially, Kevin has received a list of GPS coordinates representing 100 of these buildings (see, we knew that all that geocaching experience would come in handy one day!).  The team will work their way down the list, assessing as many buildings as they can and making appropriate recommendations.  They won’t get anywhere close to the whole list done, and more eMi structural assessment teams are in the works, but hopefully they’ll be able to provide sound advice and provide encouragement to the ministries while they are there.

So keep praying – it’s a big job, and I imagine that this trip may be harder emotionally, physically, and spiritually than some of the others Kevin has been on.  There’s still lots to do.  Oh – and please pray for health!  One of our girls was home sick from school today (this is on top of the cold we’ve all been fighting).  Please pray that Kevin shakes his cold and doesn’t catch whatever his daughter has – he needs his full health by the weekend!


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