Visiting, visiting, and more visiting

You know you’ve been doing too much visiting when your daily schedule is divided into breakfast / morning / lunch / afternoon / dinner / evening . . . and you manage to fill most of the time slots 🙂  Of course, usually there is some overlap.  Yesterday was probably our busiest day – we had breakfast and a visit with one friend, then when directly to lunch with another.  We dropped in on another friend in the afternoon, went from there to a dinner engagement, and then while our kids went to clubs, we went to present at a Bible Study.  We were glad that we didn’t have ANYTHING scheduled this morning – we got to sleep in and get some laundry done before dropping the kids off and heading out for lunch.  But tiredness aside, we’ve been loving connecting up with everyone!  So many people have affirmed us in our ministry, and it’s just been neat to share about what we’re doing – and to “just visit” with some friends too.  We’re bound to miss someone since we’re only here for a week – but we’ve been doing pretty well at fitting people in (some on very short notice!) and working our way down our list.

The Open House in Fort St. John also went really well.  Two Bible Study groups decided to come to our Open House instead of study this week, and along with a number of others, that made for a decent crowd.  The questions were totally different than in Dawson – there, people were still asking about how eMi worked, here, people wanted to know more about how we were doing personally. 

So – what’s next?  On Friday, Mission Vision exhibits start in the evening (I think set up is sometime in the afternoon), and that runs right through to Saturday night.  On Sunday morning we speak in both services at North Peace MB (our home church here).  And, Sunday afternoon it’s homeward bound . . .

I’ll have an update on what’s happening after that soon . . . since on the drive up here, Kevin was asked to lead a structural assessment team to Haiti.  There’s been lots of phone calls and emails, and the details are still being worked out . . . please pray as that comes together in the midst of a busy time here . . .


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