Email update: At the Airport

And the last we’ll hear from Kevin from Kenya . . . the next message will be from London, and then he’ll be HOME 🙂  Please pray for safe travels as the team head their separate directions from here on in:

We’re all checked in now at the airport.  It was a long day to get here though. We got in the van at 7:30 for a 1 hour drive through the game park. Then we left for Nairobi. After rush hour traffic and a few vehicle problems we got here, and we have lots of hours to spare. Lots of hours is better than worrying about not enough time to get to the airport. We’re settling in for the long flight. We said good bye to Ian this afternoon, and Leslee earlier this evening, so it’s down to 3 of us.  The animals were great this morning again. We saw 3 lions (2 males and 1 female) and a cheetah – actually 2 cheetahs cuddling together under a tree.

There is free wireles  at the airport thanks to one of the duty free shops, and we found a plug-in.  I haven’t calculated how many hours still, but it feels much closer now that we are back to more sanitized conditions with real schedules and not everything is on “Kenyan” time.


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