Email Update: Culture Shock

This email was actually written BEFORE the last email, but I just received it, and thought I’d post it anyways, as it shows some of the “culture shock” type issues that team members can be dealing with . . .

We finished up in Nyangina this morning. Last night we had a bit of a presentation back to Okiro about agricultural practices. It went well and he appreciated our efforts and suggestions.  Church on Saturday was in true African style, and was a great service. The choir was very good. We were trying to figure out how to bring some of the service style back to our Canadian services

We’re all a little down right now due to circumstances in our living conditions, etc but we’re glad to be on the way home. My camera battery died yesterday. The laptop died 3 days ago, and the cell phone has been nearly dead for a couple days. They’re all charging now, but the power is going out shortly for the night and they aren’t fully charged. I had a difficult time this last week getting good sleep because my back has been sore. We’ve needed to use our headlamps in our bedrooms even in the daytime because the houses are so dark. The food has been quite different and therefore I haven’t done well with it. However, it grows on me after a few days, and then its not so bad.

We got away 45 minutes late from the village since saying goodbye in Africa is very time consuming. The driving went much slower than we wanted due to the abundance of potholes. We were delayed in Kisii when the bank machine wouldn’t give Leslee’s card back. We waited in the bank for an hour while they fished  it out. Ian’s foot swelled up enormously from a spider bite so we took another hour delay in the hospital. He’s doing a little better now. So we got to the safari late and discovered that the camp has a much lower standard than what we thought we were paying for. Such is life in Africa. It’s difficult to get used to the pace in Africa.

Tomorrow will be a good long day of driving through the game park and then we’ll head back to Nairobi the next day for our flight. We’re all looking forward to this.

Keep praying for the team as we debrief, and say our good byes.


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