Email update: Animals

And a more positive post (after a short phone call this morning too 🙂 ).  I believe they have a few more hours of safari tomorrow morning, then they’ll be driving back to Nairobi and flying out after dinner :

It was great to chat with you this evening. It was a good start to a long evening for the closing meeting. It went really well.  Tomorrow afternoon we start saying good bye to everyone.

Today we saw: 5 lions, cheetahs, leopards, elephants, hippos, monkeys, and thousands of antelope, and zebras, giraffes, wart hogs, wildebeast, vultures . . . I’ll remember more when I see the pictures again, but that is most of the big ones. My camera got charged so I took lots of pictures today.

Ian’s foot is looking much better today. The antibiotics is working. We had thought it might be a spider bite, and maybe it was, but the doctor said it was staff infection.  Good thing we had it checked out.

I have to do a couple more things on email before the power shuts off in 15 minutes, so I’d better keep this short.


One thought on “Email update: Animals

  1. Colleen Wachob

    I am Erik’s wife – Kevin’s civil engineer on this project. I just wanted to say thank you for posting all of Kevin’s communication to you! It has really blessed me to read, as I haven’t been able to hear from my hubby as frequently. Thank you! I am grateful for Erik’s opportunity to serve and very eager to see him again on Thursday night – as I am sure you are eager to see your husband again as well! God bless you!

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