Email update: Safari Camp

And another message from Kevin – this time after they arrived at the Safari Camp, where they get to enjoy a bit of relaxation before heading home:

We have power again! Yeah!. For about another 40 minutes. then it is off for the night. We’re at the safari camp. It’s actually quite rustic. More than we thought. But we had a chance to drive through the game park for an hour this evening and we’ve already seen giraffes, zebras, a lion, and a cheetah and lots of gazelles. We have a full day tomorow driving around the game park and then we leave the next day.

We finally had normal food again this evening (spaghetti). I’ve been looking forward to something I recognize, even though not too much really tasted that bad (except a few things).

It was a full day of driving from the village today. We left at 8:45 and arrived here for dinner. So we are quite tired. We had to stop at the hospital to get some penicillin for Ian. He got a spider bite and it really got infected. It’ll probably improve now. We’ll see how he’s doing tomorrow. You can pray for him.


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