Email update: Homa Bay

More from Kevin:

We finished up today by visiting a couple more farms, and providing advice on some garden irrigation. We left the village to travel to Homa Bay where we’re spending the night and charging our batteries, etc. We’re at a nice hotel and have finally had a chance to take a shower and use a toilet. Squat pit latrines don’t last long as a novelty. Tomorrow we stock up on supplies again and head to the next village.  It’s going very well and we’re having fun.  We’ve been eating lots of different things but I’m not recognizing very much. Kale, Ugali, night salad, maize ground up like a gooey bread, chicken soup where they include all the parts of a chicken in the soup, and rice. I’m thankful for the rice.

Please keep praying for Kevin as they head to this second village . . .


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