Email update: Our Day

Kevin’s computer and cell phone apparently got recharged 🙂

Today we started off the day to children, dozens of them, gathering at 6AM (3/4 hour before any light) and heard them playing or something. The roosters had been reminding us for a couple hours already that the sun was coming shortly and we should be ready. The women had been puttering around in the house since 5AM. Finally at 6:45 I could see enough when I was outside to do some reading.

We had sliced bread with butter and Kenya tea for breakfast. Very basic, but at least it was familiar. That’s important.

We had a meeting with some leader of the community for 4 hours. It was very formal. They gave us a wishlist of everything they needed, and we proceeded to tell them how much they already had and that they could do most of it themselves. But we would help out where we could.

We went for lunch (4pm) to the School of the Deaf. 250 deaf children in a board school. It was a very quiet playground. Ominously quiet. We took pictures, blew bubbles, and had fun with them. We’ll see them tomorrow again.

We came back to our house where we were staying for a ‘light’ supper which still consisted of 5 dishes. They feed us so much here.

I had a bucket shower this evening by flashlight. It is quiet difficult to get into the hang of it. I haven’t shaved recently and so the children are all curious about our growing beards. The deaf children were all making shaving motions to us.

Tomorrow we will tour some of the farms and make some sketches.

The team is getting along very well. 6 or 7 of us are driving around in a 5 seater car so we are getting to know each other quite well.


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