Email Updates!!

Kevin apparently wrote several emails en route, and he must have had email access this morning, since they all sent at once.  I’ll post them separately and  . . . here’s Kevin’s view of this trip he’s undertaking written on January 28th:

Well I’m off on another trip to another needy place in the world. Off to Kenya this time for a water and agricultural project. It’s an exciting trip but it’s different. Another country, another denomination, another radically different way to do ministry, and a much smaller team. This will definitely stretch me again. A great intern and volunteers, and a ministry that is putting their whole heart into a great cause.

We all met where we were supposed to and the logistics so far have gone off without a hitch.

I’m apprehensive about the crude lodging, the foreign food, relationship with the ministry personnel, the language and cultural barrier and the long drive. But it’ll all work out. It always does. God is good.


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