Email Update: Time in London

And here’s Kevin’s email written on the flight between London and Nairobi . . .

Erik (Kevin’s Civil) was 45 minutes late in meeting us for the underground, so the 3 interns went off by themselves to see downtown. (Kevin was travelling this stage of the trip with the other eMi Canada team, heading to D.R. Congo, so the 3 interns he’s talking about here are Brandon, on his trip, and the other two on Greg’s trip)

After giving up waiting, I walked back to arrivals and just happened to see Erik and his Menno Travel baggage tag. We went downtown together and spent 2.5 hours seeing Westminster and Buckingham palace. Coincidently met David and his son downtown in the tube and then we met the 3 interns later on the platform waiting for the same train as us. Amazing coincidences considering Friday afternoon rushhour. Weather was horrible in London – hail, then very windy, then rainy, then sunny, then it all repeated, it seemed, all within 2.5 hours.

We were amazingly hungry and tired by then. I had my eyes closed for 2.5 hours on the flight to London, and hadn’t eaten all day in London. Ate in the airport at the cheapest place – $17 USD for plate of fish and chips.

Slept 4 hours on the way to Kenya. We will be landing at 6:00AM and then we’re driving all day in a crowded Suzuki 4 wheel drive. I’ll crash pretty hard tonight. Leslee (the ministry representative) slept by the hour in the Yotel and highly recommended it for next time.

Everything on this flight has been very British so far, but that will be ending in less than an hour as we hit Nairobi airport and the traffic.

Erik and Brandon are very excited about the upcoming adventures. Leslee is pretty calm given there are a few uncertainties when we land, like not knowing who our driver will be. I’m looking forward to getting “out there” again.


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