Back to Africa

Kevin’s en route to Africa again, this time to Kenya.  He left this evening and will arrive in London around 2 a.m. our time (but a very reasonable 10 a.m. there, I believe).  They’ve got long enough in London to take a quick run into town rather than sitting around the airport, and then they’ll be continuing on to Kenya . . . where several hours of driving will await them after they land.  The travel for Africa trips always seems so awfully long!

This project is a bit unusual . . . Kevin and the team won’t be designing a building or a structure, per say.  Instead, they’ll be looking at agriculture and irrigation design – how to irrigate the land, what types of crop rotations will work best, those sorts of things.  The team is very small: Kevin and his intern (a civil engineering student), another civil, and an agronomist.  The agronomist is an MK and has spent a lot of time in Africa (in fact, he’s joining this team directly from Uganda).  Kevin’s looking forward to the smaller team, but there’s still a lot of questions about what the trip is actually going to look like once they get there.

Please pray for the travel, for the team as they get to know each other and the ministry rep (the ministry rep is actually travelling with them all the way from Calgary – she flew down from Edmonton and is on the same flight), and for the project as it takes shape.  When it comes to Africa, there are always so many logistical issues that crop up, no matter how well-prepared you are.  Pray also for us as we stay behind – the girls said their good-byes before they left for school today, and they already miss their Daddy . . .


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