What’s Cookin’?

We finally had Talia’s birthday party yesterday . . . and it was quite the event!  Talia wanted a cooking party – so my kitchen was invaded by 10 giggly girls as they cooked dinner, and then ate what they had prepared.  I have to admit, I was a bit nervous about how smoothly this would actually go, but the girls were great, and I had terrific helpers (Thanks Kevin!  Thanks Lora!).  Here’s a few pictures:

cooking up a storm
Mmm . . . delicious!
my two chefs

After decorating their hats & aprons, the girls made individual cakes and lasagnas, then divided into groups to make either caesar salad, biscuits, or punch.  In between we played some traditional party games with a cooking twist (to give us time to clean off the tables for the next round!!).  The girls were pretty impressed when they sat down to dinner and realized that they had made everything themselves!  (We sent them home with recipes and told them that now they could make dinner for their parents 😀 )


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