eMi & Haiti

We’ve been getting lots of questions about Haiti this last week . . . so I just thought I’d give a quick update.  Yes, eMi is involved in Haiti.  Two disaster response teams have been mobilized out of the eMi US office.  They are flying to the Dominican Republic, and hoping to find a way to travel overland from there, since no commercial flights are yet going in and out of Haiti.  Their first priority will be dealing with water concerns.  There’s details on the eMi World Website (though please note that eMi Canada can’t receipt donations to eMi USA).

If you’re looking to donate to Haiti relief, eMi Canada is recommending Samaritan’s Purse – eMi Canada often partners with Samaritan’s Purse in disaster relief, and will be again in Haiti.  Kevin & I can also recommend MCC Canada.  Both of these organizations qualify for the matching funds that the Canadian Government has offered, and will make sure that your funds get to the intended destination.

eMi Canada has a long history of working in Haiti – the eMi World archive page lists over 80 eMi projects in Haiti.  eMi Canada has recently worked with two orphanages near the capital (including the God’s Littlest Angels orphanage that Kevin went to a couple years ago), and in both cases, everyone is fine.

Keep praying for those caught in the devastation in Haiti . . . this is a country that faced debilitating challenges even before this latest disaster.


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