Home Sweet Home

Well, we’re home.  A day later than planned, but home nonetheless.  And even in time that the girls could make t to gymnastics this afternoon.  Hopefully that will help them transition into the normalcy of routine – something they haven’t had yet this year.  I’m not holding my breath though.  After two weeks of sleeping in different beds and being up late, bedtime was rough today – and so, I’m sure, will be getting up in the morning . . .

Missionsfest was good, as always.  I wasn’t needed much around the booth, as Kevin and Greg, as well as Patrick (one of our board members) were there for most of the weekend.  So I “wandered” lots and made some connections with ministries who hadn’t heard of Engineering Ministries International before.  At least three of our projects last year were a direct result of contacts made at Missionsfest, so that’s definitely an important part of our job.  Several friends also made the effort to meet up with us at Missionsfest – and it was nice to be able to “disappear” for a while and visit.  And, amazingly enough, we met up with several people we knew from our university days but had lost touch with (one of whom has even gone on an eMi project trip before!).  The kids loved the kids programs.  They weren’t quite as convenient as the ones in Edmonton, but we were blessed to be right beside a booth for a K-12 Christian School that had brought blocks to entertain kids while the parents were visiting.  We “lent” them our kids for advertising purposes 😉 and the kids contentedly played there for up to an hour at a time!  Good thing, because after the first day the girls were already complaining that they had seen each booth at least 10 times!  They did really well though, and came home with quite the “social studies” education, having learned about India, the Netherlands, Japan, Indonesia, and various other countries from both the programs and the booths.

By the end of the weekend though, I could hardly stand.  I’m certainly not used to being on my feet for that many hours in a day!  We were pretty tired, and glad that we were only heading out to Abbotsford for another night at Kevin’s Aunt & Uncle’s.

The plan was to travel to Armstrong the next day, then to have a “Birthday Breakfast” with Grandma & Grandpa before heading home on Talia’s birthday.  We took it slow from Abbotsford to Armstrong – stopped for some geocaches (though we didn’t find many under the snow!) and made it to Grandma’s house in time for dinner.  The birthday girl was excited to wake up the next day to waffles made with love by Grandpa.  We ran a few errands and then headed off . . .

We heard that avalanche control was to be taking place past Revelstoke between 11:30 and 1:30, so we stopped for lunch first, and took our place in the growing line-up sometime after 1.  Someone came by to let us know it would be another hour, so we settled in for a bit of a wait . . . THREE HOURS LATER we finally gave up and turned around to head into Revelstoke again for supper.  We heard the road did open up in another hour or so, but by then it was dark, the weather was miserable, and we’d be fighting with truckers passing  each other the whole way to Calgary.  We opted to call it a night, enjoy what was left of Talia’s birthday, and try again tomorrow.

Today was beautiful driving weather, and we made it home with no problems.  It’s amazingly good to be home (and to be home relatively early).  The suitcases are unpacked, the laundry is done, and I’m even getting a chance to update my blog.  I think the kids are finally sleeping, and I’ll head that way soon myself.  Tomorrow it’s back to school and work . . . pray for us as we play “catch up” on various fronts (Kevin’s just over 2 weeks away from his Kenya project trip . . . )

And, of course, pray for Haiti.  Kevin said the God’s Littlest Angels Orphanage (where he was on a project trip a couple years ago) has an update saying that they are all fine (praise God!), though they spent the night outside last night (including the little ones).  For details, check out the GLA Website and Dixie’s Blog, which was updated today . . .


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