A busy start to the new year

We celebrated New Year’s in Armstrong again this year – and again the kids managed to stay awake until midnight (even though we thought they were fading already at 8!).  A highlight on New Year’s Eve was a walk in the snow to see some deer that we had seen from the window . . . and then Talia helped Grandpa shovel some of the neighbours’ driveways in the middle of the night 🙂  Our week with Kevin’s parents was relaxing, and we spent some time with Kevin’s brother Robin and his family – and even our niece who came down from Cold Lake for a quick visit.

On Monday, we headed to the lower mainland.  We spent a few nights with Kevin’s aunt & uncle (& enjoyed a dinner with the other aunts & uncles too) and then headed into Burnaby.  We’re here for Missionsfest, which starts tomorrow . . . but in the meantime we had a bit of down time (including geocaching, a picnic on the beach, and reminiscing on the UBC campus) and a bit of visiting with friends.  We even got to meet up with the missionaries we had served in El Salvador (and we hand-delivered the final reports!)  Poor Talia & Kaisa have had enough of the visiting and sitting quietly & “being good” though – they’re looking forward to the children’s programs that start tomorrow.

So – the Vancouver Missions Fest changed dates AND location this year due to the upcoming Olympics.  It’s at Broadway Church in Burnaby from January 8-10 (this weekend).  Engineering Ministries International is in Booth #BG0078 – so stop by if you’re there!  It’s bound to be a busy weekend with lots of fabulous speakers, seminars and kids programs (& of course, lots of great booths! 😉 ).  Pray for us, as this comes at the end of a busy holiday and there’s lots of people to talk to yet 🙂


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