Posted: December 20, 2009 by Michele in church, family

Well, for the girls and I, at least.  Kevin’s still hard at work, and his to do list seems to be getting longer, not shorter.  I have to try to get into the office one more time this week too – but I’m not ready to think about that yet 😉

Today, I’m very proud of my girls – and the rest of the “cast” of our church Christmas concert.  Talia was one of the Bible readers, and Kaisa was “Child 2” . . . she learned all her lines amazingly quickly, and there was no sign of nervousness as she performed tonight.  I helped the “speakers” and the “readers” practice during Kid’s Church, so I had a bit more invested in the Christmas concert this year that I usually do . . . and I was SO proud of all “my” kids 🙂

Other than that, our weekend has included playdates, tobogganing, and the English Corner Christmas party . . . oh, and saying bye to Cindy early on Friday morning.  Our guest room will be empty this semester, as far as I know . . .

So, I’ve purposely made NO plans for tomorrow.  Maybe we’ll do some baking, maybe the kids will just want some down time to play . . . we’ll take what comes.  That’s what the first official day of holidays is supposed to be like 🙂


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